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Embarrassing moments..

September 05, 2016

Embarrassing moments

We all have them, those embarrassing moments when not everything happens according to plan. Here are a few good stories to share.

“My pony was always acting up when tightening the girth, so I decided to walk him to the arena first and girth him up there. When I got to the arena, I forgot all about the girth and got ready to mount. The saddle immediately slipped down and hung around the poor pony’s belly. It was then I noticed the cafeteria was full of people and everybody had just burst out laughing..”

“I took my first boyfriend to the stables and wanted to show off, letting him know how good a rider I was. I entered the show jumping field and went straight for the water jump, which we always cleared. But of course, not this time. My horse tripped and I landed face first into the dirty water”

“That moment when you mount and you hear a tiny little rip. You get on anyway and ride, thinking it’s not so bad. Afterwards you find out your entire breeches have ripped and you’re wearing the tiniest thong underneath”.

“Being so nervous before a competition you can hardly breath, turning your face into a tomato. You’re send to arena farthest out in the field so your sensitive horse starts to wonder if he’s being send to the kill pens. He starts to buck, manages to throw you off and you land just on that spot where all judges are sitting, watching you”.

“Wanting to help your friend mount by giving her a leg up but getting too excited. You help her up so fast and forcefully she’s being launched over the saddle and lands on the ground on the other side of the horse”.

Be creative!

And then there’s the occasional fall off the horse. It happens to the best of us. But running into your mates while you’re covered in sand you might want to keep it light and be a little creative. Here’s ten ways to help you break the news J

  1. “My horse and I decided to go our separate ways”
  2. “My horse turned right but I wanted to go left”
  3. “It was time to give the arena a thorough inspection”
  4. “I wanted to test my new safety helmet”
  5. “I was practising to be The Flying Equestrian today”
  6. “I really thought I saw money laying on the ground”
  7. “That new layer of sand in the arena really isn’t as soft as it looks”
  8. “I wanted to make a sand angel”
  9. “I felt attracted to the sand”
  10. “My face needed a good scrub”

We love hearing embarrassing stories or good new ways to tell people you’ve fallen off (again) so please share yours!


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