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Growing up, EUR Equestrian and Charities - Part 1

October 24, 2016

I remember growing up in a village in the Netherlands grabbing any opportunity to pat a pony or go on a pony ride at a local fair. I couldn’t wait till I was old enough to take lessons at our local riding school. I was impatiently waiting to turn 8 because that was the age my non-horse minded parents had promised me lessons. Every free minute was spent around horses from that age on, either at the riding school or at an Arabian stud grooming horses and handling the foals.

Growing up I dreamt of being an international dressage superstar, riding horses at Grand Prix level and competing against Anky van Grinsven. I even attended an equestrian focussed college and groomed for a professional rider for a year or so. As often happens, reality catched up with me, people tell you to stop dreaming and get a proper education and job. I even stopped riding for a while, being too busy with uni or working full time and travelling a lot for work; it took me a while to find my way back to horses and riding.

Fast forward a few years later and I am living in beautiful Queensland, I’m the owner of a cheeky grey gelding called Finn and am working on the next best thing besides riding horses for a living; selling horse gear! I must be the luckiest girl alive, or at least it feels that way when I spent time with my horse or around my very own stock of gear and breeches.

One thing I always envisioned when setting up a shop was giving back to the community; it’s all about give and take. So here it is, my new idea leading up to the Christmas season. I want to choose a charity to give a percentage of profits back to the community, and I’m looking for ideas. Personally, I love SAHA, Save a Horse Australia, because they do a lot of good work and rehome so many unwanted but healthy horses. Of course, so does the RSPCA, another great charity. There are many charities out there, so what I will do is investigate a bit more to decide and be ready to set up donation before Christmas this year. I am open to any suggestions so please, help me out and bring forth any ideas you may have or share charities that need our funds the most.

Next week I will share more info on charities I’ve found and hopefully will have a look at some of your suggestions. Thanks for your help!

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