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Useful tips to create your own jumps!

March 09, 2018

Is the weather or an injured horse keeping you from training with your horse? Or are you and your horse ready for some variation and inspiration? Look at these tips to create your own jumps. Soon you’ll be jumping over your own home-made course.


Run to your nearest Ikea to stock up on kids’ potties. Yes, you heard it right. They make for a great alternative to raise your cavaletti poles and exercise your horse.


Wooden poles are easily available at your nearest hardware store. Make sure to buy the longer wooden poles so your jump won’t be too small. Paint them in your favourite colours (or with left over paint sitting in your barn) to create a colourful jump.

Mix things up

Use two even height chairs without arms as standers and place a pole over the seats. Place on pole in front on the ground and you’re done. Your horse has another new jump to get used to.

Traffic cones always come in handy! Place 3 or 4 cones close together and place a pole on top. There’s another jump!

Did your neighbour just trim his hedge? Great, ask him for the cut off branches and place them under a jump to change the look of your jump.

If you have some tarp, preferably blue coloured, you can imitate a water jump. Make sure you place poles on the ground covering the tarp, so it stays firmly on the ground.

A solid tree trunk or old bales of hay also make great material for jumps.

Safety first

Saving money by creating your own jumps is pretty cool but keep things safe:

  • Make sure your materials do not have any sharp edges
  • Your horse should not be able to get caught in anything (for example baling twine. Poles should easily come off your self-made standers.
  • Don’t use plastic pvc tubes. If they break they are sharp and can easily cut and injure a horse or rider.
  • Make sure your jumps are not too sensitive for strong winds and turn into a spectacle every time the wind picks up.

 Do you have any new ideas? We'd love to hear them! Enjoy the ride!

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