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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility is an integral part of EUR EQUESTRIAN’s long term strategy and objectives. One of our objectives is to be recognized as a sustainable organization through two corner pillars:

  • Green supply chain policies:
    1. By working with a logistic partner who values environmental protection and minimises carbon emission.
    2. By working with offshore suppliers who are committed to working as green as possible, upholding internationally recognized rules of waste management.
    3. By ensuring our own business is built on minimizing power usage and general waste, to contributing to a clean and healthy environment.
  • Human Rights and Diversity policies:
    1. By working with suppliers who are committed to providing safe and healthy work conditions for all employees.
    2. By ensuring fair payment and working conditions for all our suppliers and ensure all parties benefit economically from the business relationship.
    3. By creating a diverse organisation, based on a ‘Best idea wins’ culture rather than hierarchy. With a focus on health and safety standards for all employees including a healthy work-life balance.
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